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Bridges Childcare and Learning Center is licensed for children aged 1-5 years.

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About the Owner
My name is Corena and I am the owner and operator of Bridges Childcare and Learning Centers. Myself, along with my Mom, Ingrid, first embarked on our vision to open Bridges in 2012. Shortly thereafter, we had our second location up and running. Running a daycare was not new to Ingrid, as she had her own center in White rock years prior. A move caused her to close it down. I myself had also spent time in early childhood education as an English teacher abroad in Japan. Years later, we decided to combine our passion for early learning and children by opening Bridges Centers. Sadly, Ingrid passed away in 2019, but her mark and legacy here lives on.
Some of my favorite things include spending time with my family, walks with our dogs, travel and exploring new places and a really great cup of coffee in the morning. I can honestly say, I love Monday mornings, and starting every new week with a smile as we open our doors to our families and teachers for another great week ahead. My ethos is simple, I love children and I want to care for them in an environment that feels as close to home as possible, a “home away from home”. We learn through play and we love and care for children like they are our own.
I strive to make every family's experience at Bridges, a positive one.

Children have a natural curiosity and desire to explore and learn about the world around them and we believe that children should be allowed to work and progress according to their own interests and abilities. Our goal when building Bridges was to create an environment that stimulates the child’s curiosity, provides endless opportunities for creation and imagination and simply put, is one of the happiest places for a child to come to. It’s a place that serves all of the developmental areas of a child’s being and builds upon them. A place where children are valued for their individuality and their true selves are fostered, loved and appreciated. A place where children can be children.

With an emphasis for outdoor play, we have prepared a bright and natural environment and backyard that exceeds anyones expectations of even a local park. In addition to the back yard, the children often navigate through the local trails and enjoy playing at the nearby park and forest.. Needless to say, a lot of time will be spent outdoors, playing, exploring, laughing, and exercising our busy minds and bodies. Indoors, our day is divided into blocks of time, with activities ranging from free play, preschool programming, reading time, arts and crafts, special projects, and of course meals and nap times..Flexibility of the program is important as the needs of infants and toddlers are constantly changing and developing. A positive and happy staff, a trusting relationship between caregiver and the child, clean and well organized environment, room to play, indoors and outside, in a safe and stimulating home environment are all provided.Respect towards self, others and the environment will be emphasized..and finally, the most important priority is to have FUN!


Bridges Childcare and Learning Center is dedicated to providing high quality childcare in a warm, loving, nurturing and stimulating environment, which encourages the child's natural curiosity and fosters independence, confidence and respect while guiding each child's individual development.Here, children spend as much of their day as possible outdoors, where they develop a sense of wonder and respect for their environment. Research shows that natural environments are an optimal context for early childhood development. They are more stimulating, less stressful, safer and healthier. Outdoor playtime has numerous benefits for children, including improved physical, mental, emotional, and psychological ability and well-being.Much of our days outdoors are spent digging in the dirt or rocks, riding cars and trikes, climbing our treehouse or playing in our outdoor mud kitchen and water table Within a 5 minute walk we also enjoy more swings, slides and running through the big open field and rolling grass hills at our quiet, neighbouring park. .Children’s growing minds and bodies benefit from healthy, primarily organic, local, seasonal foods, which are abundant during the summer months from our fruit trees and garden beds Bridges is foundationally a play based -Child - first curriculum: We recognize that Play is an integral part of young children’s lives, and that being able to play, both alone and with others, is a hallmark of children’s healthy development. We also understand that play enhances children’s physical, social/emotional, and creative growth.


During the first few years of life, children are working on acquiring a sense of trustworthiness of oneself and others to whom the child is attached. In the toddler years, a strong sense of autonomy is building. This comes from being treated as an individual and being allowed opportunities for independence.

When children feel the sense of independence, power , and competence, they can step out into the world and be active learners and problem solvers. Young children need a safe environment full of opportunities to explore and have fun. They need to be able to see, touch, feel, and move.

Planning for infants and toddlers does not necessarily involve “lessons” but rather opportunities for experiences that as individuals they can make the most out of. When teachers organize materials for the room, they take into account children’s individual differences along with their knowledge of child development. Planning is based on observations of the children using their new skills and reactions to materials. As the children grow and change, the teachers change the classroom environment. They may put out more challenging equipment or add a building area with different toys or offer more complex art mediums to explore with; a classroom may look different at the end of the year than it did in the beginning!

Our center is light, spacious, clean and well organized to create an inviting and stimulating environment. The daily schedule includes time for free play, art, quiet or story time, large group activities, guided activities, individual exploration of materials and outdoor play. We keep the schedule flexible allowing for questions and projects that often spring from curious minds and busy hands.

Children learn in different ways through different mediums. To accommodate the many ways children’s minds work and absorb knowledge, the centre has plenty of space for materials for every type of learner. These include math, science, dramatic play, blocks, art, music and movement, language and literature, sensory tables, manipulatives and puzzles, and sand and water exploration. As weather permits, outside activities, which take advantage of our large play yard, where tricycles, climbing, sliding, water play, gardening, running and other large muscle activities are encouraged. Painting, clay, art materials and crayons are made available to the children. Puzzles and books encourage cognitive development. Legos, blocks, and other toys invite manipulation and construction. Musical instruments, CD’s, and ribbons encourage singing, dance and other rhythmic activities. A variety of dolls, soft stuffed animals, housekeeping furniture and cooking utensils lead to imaginative play while a variety of hats, dress up clothes, costumes and puppets lead to dramatic play.

Young children enjoy a structured routine that allows for flexibility.A schedule helps the day to flow more smoothly, allows the children to anticipate the coming events and aids in achieving a variety of goals. We will adhere to the written schedule to the best of our ability, keeping in mind that anything can happen when children are involved. There will be times when we have to make adjustments to the schedule.



Our son Dylan Buksh has been attending Corena’s licensed in home day care since Sept of 2014, I knew this would be the perfect facility for my son, the center is very clean, organized, fun and exciting, there is a preschool learning program, healthy breakfast, daily schedule and routine, day trips and now the new addition of their own hatched chickens. Dylan had what we think of as severe separation anxiety, Corena and her team including her mom Ingrid were great and dealt with the screaming and crying with such compassion and attention. We highly recommend to anyone looking for a clean, SAFE and educational daycare. Thank you Bridges.

Ashlene Buksh

EIt is with great pleasure that I recommend Corena. She completed a practicum at my center in March and April 2012 and we have remained in good contact. Corena displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. She is definitely a leader rather than a follower. In addition to her excellent drive as an ECE, she was able to build bonds with the children and staff and I am sure she will build great bonds with the children and families that she comes across in her career. We wish her all the best as she starts this new career. She is also a most dependable team player. Her good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to her endeavors. Corena would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.

Zehra Moledina

Owner, strong foundations early learning center

Thank-you so much for providing such a safe, caring, fun and educational environment for my child to grow in. The years at Bridges have been beneficial to both Sierra and I. It is bittersweet as we end this chapter and move on to Kindergarten. We will both miss you all, but we will make sure to keep in touch and visit.


I was, as most parents are, extremely nervous about leaving my daughter on her first day of daycare. However, Sharon and Corena made the transition feel so seamless for both my daughter and I. So much so, that by the second week, I was dropping Evie off earlier than I needed too in order to enjoy a kid-free coffee before work. I find myself grieving a little about leaving Bridges Childcare. I know Evie will miss it, but really I think it is me who will miss it the most. There is something so amazing about finding the perfect childcare for your child and that’s what Bridges was for me. I’m confident that I’ll measure every future childcare experience to the one we had at Bridges as a result.

Alexandra Kroetsch

We had our daughter in Bridges Childcare when she was 2 1/2 and I went back to work full time before having our second child. She loved it so much we kept her in childcare 1 day a week while I was on Maternity Leave. She loves going to "school" to see her friends, make a craft, participate in circle time or just play in the HUGE backyard! She will be in school in the fall and will no longer be at Bridges but I am happy to have a place that I can send my other daughter in the future. Bridges is a warm, friendly space for kids to learn and play and I would highly recommend anyone thinking of sending their children there.

Jaclyn Weidner

My daughter is attending Bridges Childcare and Learning Center. I am very pleased with the way she has been welcomed, my daughter has had absolutely no emotional problems with me leaving her there, since the first day and this if her first time at daycare and being left with someone who is not family. I feel that the reason for this is because Corena makes her feel so welcomed and comfortable, and on top of that the daycare facility is phenomenal, so much for them to play with and learn. The reason why I chose Bridges Childcare for my daughter is because I found Corena to be patient, kind, organised and responsible. I am also impressed with the learning curriculum that she has set out for the children, and also the set-up of her daycare.

Natalie Morgan

We are so grateful that our children had the benefit of being at Applewood for this last year. We always knew our children were safe and loved. You were thoughtful in creating new experiences and building their confidence. They will miss Ms. Corena, Ms. Ingrid and all their friends (and so will we!). Thank you!!

Kim, Gerald, Olivia and Gabriel

We can't begin to thank you enough for the role you have played in Annika's life over the last two years. You have created a warm, caring and welcoming daycare with Bridges and we feel so blessed to have been a part of it. We will miss you all so:)

Love Annika, Michelle, Dave and Carston

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Ms. Corena

Owner, manager and early childhood educator

Ms. Isabel

Manager and early childhood educator

Ms. Clarisse

Early childhood educator


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